Manual Branding Tree for Restaurants: A revolutionary guide to grow your restaurant into a brand

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While car dealerships, grocers and home improvement retailers account for a sizable portion of the retail market, the main local shopping district is downtown. With tree-lined streets and quaint shops and restaurants, the downtown retail district is the social and shopping hub of the community. The current population of Pleasantville is just fewer than 40, Many of these retirees are looking to retire on the water in a cozy, yet thriving community. In addition to local consumers, we will also benefit from tourist traffic.

Pleasantville is located a mere 30 miles from the sandy white beaches of St. Petersburg and Clearwater. Our town boasts a healthy and recession-proof tourism industry. In addition, Pleasantville hosts several annual craft and golf events, which bring several thousand of our target consumers into the area each year.

The retail fashion industry is a solid business with ever-changing styles and ever-present consumer demand. While supercenters and megastores ruled the past two decades, more and more consumers are looking for change. This is true especially for those nearing retirement age. In reality, as the Baby Boomers numbers decrease, there will be fewer older Generation X-ers to sell to. However, this market decrease will not occur for at least twenty years. Even then, clothing will always be in high demand.

The fashion industry in America has been thriving since the advent of moving pictures. Our aim is to establish our company as a pioneer in this youth-obsessed industry and build a boutique brand name that will be synonymous with the fashion industry revolution.

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We are currently working with several apparel wholesalers, garment manufacturers and two freelance fashion designers to assemble our inventory. We are also working with city economic-development officials to secure all required permits and occupational licensees. We will also use the financing to purchase inventory, retail displays, and office supplies. Prior to the grand opening of Booming Boutique, we will schedule an event with the Chamber of Commerce and start our promotions with pre-publicity flyers, advertising and additional marketing activities.

As the Internet has become a staple of American life and retail merchandising, Booming Boutique will build a website on which we will sell our products, too. We have secured the domain name BoomingBoutique. These platforms allow us to create an online storefront quickly and will manage all aspects of it including creating shipping labels, accepting payment, and monitoring inventory. Customers will also be able to create wish lists for items they want to purchase later.

Having this online presence will allow us to build our email marketing list and send regular promotions to customers with new product announcements, discounts, specials, birthday coupons, and fashion ideas. Foremost, we intend to showcase our brand, our clothing and provide customers with the ability to purchase items online.

As the site progresses, we will include features such as fashion advice, designer interviews, newsletters, and Internet-only specials. Eventually, we hope to establish and nurture an online social community where women can gather and discuss topics of the day, network and share clothing secrets. We both have strong marketing backgrounds and recognize the significance of effective marketing. We expect our strategy to draw consumers into Booming Boutique from the very beginning.

Moreover we will hire a local PR firm to help us develop and implement a strategic marketing plan and guide our publicity efforts in a cost-effective manner.


Our marketing message, logo and slogans will revolve around the idea of the Baby Boom generation as revolutionaries and trend setters. Boomer women are in their prime and at their best. We will partner with local organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Merchants Association as often as possible. We already have connections in all the necessary places. These strategic partnerships will allow us to piggyback on publicity for local events, as long as they are within our targeted demographic. These will rely heavily on local print and broadcast media coverage, traditional advertising, signage, a direct mail marketing campaign and networking.

Of course, we will build anticipation and excitement about the new boutique prior to its grand opening. Working in conjunction with the Chamber of Commerce, we are already talking about a grand opening soiree. The collection is currently on display in the Downtown Art League Gallery. Entry collection will start at the grand opening and continue throughout the week. We will use these names and contact information for follow-up marketing initiatives. The Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Merchants Association will promote the event in local newspapers and radio advertising.

Comprehensive advertising and semi-annual direct mail marketing campaigns will follow the grand opening. We will also take advantage of low cost publicity activities such as posting sale flyers on community bulletin boards and online. Booming Boutique plans to generate sales via strategic marketing efforts.

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These concentrated efforts will be targeting new and returning customers as well as single-visit tourist consumers. We will also implement a referral program rewarding customers who refer new customers with discount coupons. Following our grand opening, we will conduct a direct-mail campaign to targeted consumers that we have signed up through our in-store mailing program.

The direct mailers will consist of 5, full-color postcard mailers. We will offer promotional discounts and seasonal and clearance sales throughout the year. Booming Boutique will accept cash and payment via major credit and debit cards. Cash layaway plans will also be permitted. Returns and exchanges must take place within 30 days of purchase and receipts are mandatory. Our sales staff will include both co-owners and part-times sales associates.

Combined, Jensen and Mathews have nearly 30 years experience in the fashion and retail industries.

This will include how to sell merchandise as well as how to provide fashion advice to customers. Our sales team will earn an hourly rate, plus a generous percentage of commission from each sale. These organizations are dedicated to promoting local businesses within our community and sponsor several events downtown each year. As a member of these organizations, Booming Boutique will gain exposure, make business contacts, and will benefit from Chamber and Association advertising, Web site promotions and events.

As a retail establishment, Booming Boutique will conduct business seven days a week from 10 a.

Monday through Thursday, from 10 a. Friday and Saturday, and 12 p. During the holiday seasons and during special events, we will extend store hours. We will use the remaining space for stock and administrative purposes. In addition to the two full-time co-owners, we will hire three part-time employees to serve customers. Our company will secure merchandise from local manufacturers with showrooms in Orlando and Miami.

Purchasing from FAM, buyers receive product displays and promotional materials with purchase.

Additionally, we will work closely with our regional sales representative. We will also attend relevant pre-season fashion trade shows. This will include the standard bar code with its related equipment and software.

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Staff will conduct annual inventory audits and hire outside auditors when necessary. We will maintain all accounting and finances using Quickbooks online. The following is a list of business goals and milestones we intend to accomplish our first year of operations. Our first major milestones will be securing funds and setting up our business.

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  6. This is our major focus right now. In five years, we hope to have established our retail business within the community and within our industry.

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    Furthermore, as co-owners, we would like to see the growth of our store with an increase in product lines, further penetration of the national market with online sales and, under the right set of circumstances, the opening of franchise Booming Boutiques in strategic locations. The co-owners intend to launch and grow Booming Boutique for many years into the future. Another alternative is a management buyout, which will be agreed upon in advance.

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    In the long-term, we will position Booming Boutique as a profitable business that will be an appealing acquisition for any number of retail chains. As a small business, we will have a small staff. Both co-owners will assume leadership roles within the company and will be responsible for daily operations, overseeing marketing efforts, buying merchandise and managing inventory and all other administrative duties.

    A small sales staff will assist co-owners with securing sales, assisting customers and general maintenance of stock on the floor. Co-owners, Robin Mathews and Joanna Jensen, created this boutique business plan.

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    Both will co-manage Booming Boutique. However, daily responsibilities will differ. Robin Mathews will manage the day-to-day operations including supervising staff, maintaining inventory and bookkeeping. Mathews worked ten years in the retail industry including four years as a manager of an antique furniture shop.

    Joanna Jensen will oversee the merchandise buying for the store as well as maintain a keen awareness of trends within the industry.